Tsipouro 0.70L 40% vol.

Tsipouro 0.70L 40% vol.


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Tsiouro is a pure grape distillate, similar to the Italian Grappa. It is made every autumn following the grape harvest. After the grapes are pressed to produce wine, there are “leftovers” in the wine press: The crushed grape skins, seeds, pulp and stems are then distilled to produce a strong spirit. The name Tsipouro is used throughout Greece, except for Crete, where the name Tsikoudia was used. The European Union protects Tsikoudia from Crete as a unique spirit coming from its original place, a fact not many people are aware of. Tsikoudia has the same protected status as Cognac or Scotch Whisky.


  • Mavrakis Tsipouro is a long established distillary of traditional Greek spirits
  • Tsipouro is a Greek spirit made from distillation of grape skins
  • other names: Tsikoudia (Crete) Raki (Crete)
  • Alcohol Level 40%


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