Half Bottle of Samos Nectar dessert wine A.O.P 2009

Half Bottle of Samos Nectar dessert wine A.O.P 2009


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Nectar is the oldest wine crafted by the Union, a wine that has been imitated by many but mastered by none. Its deep amber color is complemented by attractive orange hints. With a nose of ageing aromas, Nectar brings sun-drenched raisins and antique furniture tenderly polished with beeswax to center stage, while its first mouth reserves the right to an unqualified freshness that may clinch the leading role for this wine on the table: Overall, a strong and harmonious bouquet ably assisted by the noble aromas of walnut, with a particularly lingering end-palate redolent of smoke, incense and macaroons. “Nectar is a wine crafted from sun-dried grapes that have been patiently aged in oak barrels The Greek island of Samos, birthplace of Pythagoras, lies in the Aegean sea on Greece’s eastern coast, and its wines were the first from Greece to be granted AOC status. The island has long been famous for its sweet muscats, and has been producing and exporting wine for 3,000 years. Founded in 1934, the island co-op is one of the oldest in Greece. Its members have done much to modernise production, and have vastly improved both the quality and the reputation of Samos wines. It now represents 26 vine-growing villages. The vineyards are in the north of the island. There are around 1600ha in all, many of which are up to 800m above sea level high up in the Ambelos mountain, with deep soils that allow the vines to dig deep and produce excellent-quality fruit. The altitude allows the grapes to ripen slowly and steadily, allowing high sugar levels to develop, making them perfect for sweet wine production. Muscat is king here, namely muscat à petits grains, which takes up 97% of the vineyard area.


  • Prize winning sweet white wine from Samos (AOC), this is the oldest wine crafted by the famous Samos Union
  • deep amber, aroma of orange hints, sun-drenched raising, beeswax
  • very fresh and complex
  • ready to drink now to 2017
  • A gorgeous and unusual desert wine


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