Athina Santorini

Athina Santorini


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This is what Santorini tastes like ! Impressive for its age green-yellow color in the glass. Rich, intense nose full of lime, lemon zest and ripe grapefruit with hints of chamomile and apricot jam. The flint is present from the beginning to the end while honey, fresh leaves, nuts, toast, tobacco and sweet spices gradually make their appearance as it evolves in the glass. Medium volume body, with the characteristic acidity slighty outpacing the volume. Bitter orange, almond and strong sense flint dominate and remain in medium+ aftertaste.


  • Dry White
  • Alcohol: 14 %
  • Origin: Santorini
  • Variety: Assyrtiko
  • Aromas: lime, lemon zest, ripe grapefruit, chamomile, apricot jam, flint, honey, fresh leaves, nuts, toast, tobacco, sweet spices


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