Sarantis, Greek Almond Delights , Net weight 400g, Carton box

Sarantis, Greek Almond Delights , Net weight 400g, Carton box


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Sarantis, Greek Traditional Almond Delights, Net weight 400g, Carton box:

Delights are traditional sweets of the East, which entered the Greek area in the late 18th century. They were appreciated for their great taste and the local communities have combined delights with the products of their land, creating different versions of them. Thereby we have the famous delights of Syros Island and unique delights with mastic of Chios Island, like the ones we offering you. In Serres, a particular type of delight called Akanes is being produced that stands out for its strong taste becasue of the goat butter it contains. Another characteristic recipe is produced in Komotini and is being called Soutzouk Loukoum.

Served in small cube shaped pieces, and often contains almonds, while it is available in several flavors, most common of which are the rose (red delight), bergamot (green delight) and mastic / mastiha (yellow delight). The preparation of delights is being done for centuries with the same traditional way, which ensures that all the flavor and taste will pass from the people who make it to all those who want to experience it. We use: Water, Sugar and Starch. These three ingredients are being boiled in particularly old bronze cauldrons, on stable temperature, in built-in fireplaces. This mixture, under the watchful eye of the master, is being stirred continuously under the fire until it is homogeneous and master decides that it is ready. At this stage we add additional materials, such mastic or bergamot for taste. Then, it is being left on wooden plates, covered with flour, to cool for 24 hours. The next day, the mixture gets cut on square cubes shape, mixed with sugar, placed in cardboard boxes and sealed.

Our splendid traditional Almond delights from the Chios island, after having all the above journey through history, come now to offer unique tastes and flavors from Greece to you and your loved ones, just like old times.


  • Traditional Greek Almond Delight or as it called Loukoumi bites, from Chios Island
  • It’s a sweet, tasty and aromatic product,made with pure ingredients.
  • A perfect complement to coffee or an ideal stand-alone dessert.
  • The company applies management system of food safety by ELOT (Greek Organization for Standardization) in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 standards, for quality control.


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