Cretan dried wild organic Sage (15g packet)

Cretan dried wild organic Sage (15g packet)


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Wild sage of the Salvia pomifera subsp. pomiferis is endemic to Crete and Karpathos. It makes an extremely fragrant tea, which is also famed for its health benefits. Sage has been used as a panacea since ancient times, depcited in Minoan frescoes, and in the proverb ‘ Cur moriatur homo, cui Salvia crescit in horto ?’ (Why should a man die, in whose garden sage is growing?) Sage herb is traditionally used for female reproductive problems, including PMS, menopausal symptoms, treatment of oily skin prone to acne, headache, gum disease, and for strengthening the mind. The fragrance of Sage oil burned in an aroma lamp alerts the senses, sharpens the memory and is usefu for mental fatigue and depression.

  • 100% Greek organic wild sage – dried leaves and flowers – from Crete


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