Greek Macedonian Halva with Almonds 1kg

Greek Macedonian Halva with Almonds 1kg


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Greek Macedonian Halva with Almonds, 1kg:

Halva is a traditional Greek tasty and very nourishing confection. Came to our country from the East adopted by people and evolved based on Greek eating habits. The basic ingredients for the preparation of halva are tahini, sugar and water. The sugar is boiled with the water until it turns into a caramel. It is then mixed with tahini and kneaded. Then we can add some other ingredients, such as honey,cocoa or almonds just like the delicious we are offering you. When the halva is still warm, it is cut by hand, weighed and finally packed.

Halva is a product of high nutritional value, since it contains plant proteins, amino-acids, vitamins, calcium, phosphorous, potassium and, iron. It also contributes to a healthy immune system. It is also considered to be a delicacy for vegetarians. Macedonian Halva with Almonds thrills with its special texture and structure, its full-bodied flavour and its almods taste and aroma.

It is an excellent companion to coffee or tea, A great snack or food to eat during lent,perfectly integrated into the Mediterranean Diet.

Essential Ingredients: ●Tahini (pulped sesame seeds) ●Glucose – fructose syrup ●Water ●Almonds


  • Halva is a Greek traditional food, key ingredient in the Mediterranean diet
  • Its unique combination of proteins, aminoacids, vitamins and trace elements, provides the body with power and energy
  • Very high nutritional value. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Made from sesame seeds and tahini. Greek natural product.
  • HACCP Certificate (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), ISO 14001:2004 and IFS Certification


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