The Raw Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Koroneiki Olives (Agourelaio) - 5litre

The Raw Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Koroneiki Olives (Agourelaio) – 5litre


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The Greek word Agourelaio literally translates to ‘unripe-oil’. Amongst the Greeks it is prized highly as the best olive oil available because of its low acidity. Our olive oil comes from hand picked Koroneiki olives produced in the Peloponnese of Greece. The first olives hand picked each season, which are still green and not fully ripe, are cold pressed to produce a bold emerald green colour and a fruity flavour with slight peppery undertones. Of all the varieties, Koroneiki olive oil contains the highest levels of antioxidant polyphenol; the higher the content of polyphenol the more resistant the oil is to oxidation, therefore the oil maintains its qualities for longer and has a greater shelf life. Our olive oil comes in tin bottles to prevent breakages and reduce the cost of postage as well as reduce sun exposure and prolong the delicate flavours.


  • A top quality Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil taken from the very first pressing of hand picked Koroneiki Olives
  • Produced in the Peloponnese of Greece
  • Fruity flavour with slight peppery undertones


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