Elea Creta Extra Virgin Greek Olive

Elea Creta Extra Virgin Greek Olive


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Elea Creta, Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil, 3lt, Tin can:

Coming from the beautiful island of Crete with the exceptional climatic conditions and the top of all olive varieties , the Koroneiki,we offer this unique extra virgin olive oil of Elea Creta.

Respecting the environment we choose to cultivate the rich Greek land without the use of pesticides and chemical additives,thus maintaining the balance of nature. We collect the fruits of the olive tree with care, during the appropriate period of vesting and transfer them directly to the mill. Oil extraction is being performed by using the cold pressing method of the fruit and only with traditional mechanical methods, keeping thus all natural ingredients and aromas. This extra virgin olive oil, will be stored in stainless steel tanks, where it will remain for a two-month period as a natural way to obtain its unique crystal color. In absolute hygiene conditions, certified by expert insitutions, we standardize and pack our amazing olive oil, with low acidity, balanced flavor, distinctive aroma and a very high nutritional value.

From the ancient times until today, olive oil is being used as a food, medicine and cosmetic with its value being recognized over time, especially nowadays with modern developments in the field of nutrition, assuring that. It is very rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. A key element of the Mediterranean diet, considered one of the most beneficial foods since it is associated with longevity and prevention of diseases.


  • Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the island of Crete. New harvest !!!
  • Great Taste Gold Award 2012. Elea Creta products are ISO 22000, IFS and HACCP certified
  • Traditional Greek flavor. Deep, bright green colour and a fruity, bittersweet taste hints
  • Very low acidity (0,5) , rich content of polyphenoles, high nutritional value
  • Greek natural product, Mediterranean Diet. Suitable for Vegetarians.

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