Greek Tzatziki Spread Traditional Appetizer Dip Meze 300g

Greek Tzatziki Spread Traditional Appetizer Dip Meze 300g


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Greek Tzatziki Spread, Traditional Appetizer Dip Meze, 300gr:

Appetizers are little portions of food to prepare your taste buds for a good appetite. Greek cuisine has a wide range of dips which can be served either on their own as little snacks with small rusks or breadsticks and served before a meal but which can also be served as accompaniments to the main meal.

Tzatziki is classic meze consisting of Greek yoghurt, cucumber, garlic and parsley. Smooth and bold this dip is spreadable and addictive. Put on your favorite sandwich, or use as a dip for chips, crackers and veggies.Tzatziki makes a very nice condiment for gyros or kebabs. It goes very well with pork or lamb.

Good food is like good friends. You want to surround yourself with the ones that make you feel good about yourself. Like our Greek Tzatziki Yogurt Dip, made with a blend of real veggies. Every bite is full of crisp, deliciousness. Not guilt.

Once you get a taste of Tzatziki, it’s hard to stop. So make sure you have plenty of friends and family around to share it with. Made from creamy Greek yogurt, cucumber, garlic, milk and dill…it’s dipping delicious. And it is rich in herbs, antioxidants and good fats but also in flavor. So enjoy, knowing you are serving made-from-scratch, healthy appetizers. Serve as a meze with Ouzo or wine and taste Greece…right at your home.


  • Greek Tzatziki Spread, Traditional Appetizer Dip Meze, 300g.
  • Pack contains : Tzatziki Dip 3 glass jars of 100gr each.
  • A superb Mediterranean meze pack. Made of traditional Greek raw ingredients is perfect when served as a dip with Greek rusk or crackers. Ideal to spread on crusty or hot bread accompanied with vegetables. It can also be used with meat or fish.
  • A rich source of proteins of high nutritional value that include all the essential amino acids, proteins, vitamins (A)and minerals (Phosphorus & Calcium)
  • Production under the Integrated Management Quality system.


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