Greek Mountain Tea | 200g Premium Quality | VEGAN & ORGANIC by Vegavero

Greek Mountain Tea | 200g Premium Quality | VEGAN & ORGANIC by Vegavero

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Greek Mountain Tea (also known as Shepards Tea and Ironwort) derives from the Sideritis plant which grows high in the Mountains of Greece. It was used by the Ancient Greeks – and still in Greece today – for its many believed health benefits. The Greek philosopher and father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, hailed the Siderites plant for its benefits on the immune system, digestion, respiratory health and everyday aches and pains. Today modern research supports its anti-flammatory and antioxidant properties.

Dependent on your tastes and needs, add a table spoon of blossoms to a cup/pot with boiled water. Infuse tea for 6-9 minutes depending on desired strength.


  • 200g of dried leaves, flower and stalk from the SIDERITIS plant.
  • Our tea is 100% VEGAN, ORGANIC & NATURAL. No fertilizers or additives are used.
  • A naturally CAFFINE FREE tea potent with flavonoids and antioxidants. With a sweet, florally, earthy taste, Greek Mountain Tea provides a UNIQUE HERBAL EXPERIENCE benefitting both the MIND and BODY.
  • Greek Mountain Tea (Shephards tea, Ironwort tea) derives from rocky slopes of Greece and has been utilized in ancient Greece for its many believed health benefits. These range from respiratory problems and high blood pressure, to boosting the immune system and treating common colds.


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