Domaine Mercouri 2013 Greek Red wine

Domaine Mercouri 2013 Greek Red wine


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Protected Geographical Indication “Letrini”, Dry red wine (750 ml & 375 ml). This delicious wine is produced using Refosco and Mavrodaphne grapes. It is distinguished by its deep red colour, the perfumes of red fruits, with hints of chocolate and coffee, in harmony with the vanilla and cinnamon from the wood. With a medium, but structured body, and full, but fine tannins, the wine goes well with roasted red and white meats, casseroles with tomato sauce and with hard cheeses. The wines that are distributed have been matured for 10-12 months in French oak barrels and have rested for at least 6 months in the bottle. The annual production is approximately 35,000 bottles and the wine can be kept for 5-8 years. History: Domaine Mercouri is an old vineyard dating back to the late 1800’s in the western Peloponnese. In 1870, the first Refosco vines were planted on the estate that were imported from Friuli, Italy. At that time, the wine produced was for export only. In the early 1930’s, second generation family member Leonidas Mercouris built the first modern winery in that area. The winery remained functional until 1955. Between 1955 and 1989, the majority of the estate’s grape production was sold to the larger wineries in the area. In 1990, the third and fourth generations of the Mercouri family decided to rebuild the winery. The existing structure was renovated and modernized. The vineyards were also replanted. Since the winery’s reorganization, yields and sales have increased steadily annually.


  • Protected Geographical Indication “Letrini”
  • delicious Dry red wine from an old winery in Peloponnese, will keep for upto 8 years
  • indigenous Refosco and Mavrodaphne grapes
  • deep red colour, rich red fruits with hints of chocolate and coffee, and cinnamon from the wood
  • full but fine tannins, great with red and white meat, and hard cheeses.


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