The Raw Greek Organic Lightly Salted Throuba Olives 360g

The Raw Greek Organic Lightly Salted Throuba Olives 360g


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The method used for producing these Throuba olives is quite unique to the type of olive and the island they come from hence why they have PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) status . Unlike most olives produced in Greece and around Europe Throuba Olives have not been cured in a salt water brine for long periods of time, which is what caused the olive to absorb the salt.
The Throuba olive ripens while still on the tree thanks to Phoma Oleae a natural safe fungus, it has a bittersweet taste and can be eaten straight from the tree. On the island of Thassos where the Throuba olive comes from the traditional method of debitteration which has been used for centuries continues to be used today.
The olives are picked when ripe and black in colour, they are washed in mountain spring water that comes from the nearby mountain village of Kazaviti. Following a fine selection process whereby the best olives are selected the olives are then layered in large tanks with untreated Sea salt which enables the water and bitter taste to be drawn out. Olives absorb water and if there is salt in that water they will absorb that too. In the Throuba process the water is drained, which means the olives are not sitting in their own water, therefore do not absorb the water or excess salt, yielding an olive with minimum salt and excess taste. The olives are then rinsed in spring water again before being lightly coated in cold pressed sunflower oil and loosely packaged in bags for minimum postage cost.
These olives are blacker than black and meaty in texture. Their taste is sensational I am so pleased to have discovered my little friend Velouitinos and his olives and to have the opportunity to share them with you.
Certified Organic by Bio Hellas
Store in a cool dry place, refrigerate once open.


  • Tree ripened olives from the beautiful island of Thassos in Greece
  • Lightly salted, 1.8% (less than 50% than normal olives)
  • Century old methods used to debitter meaning less salt is absorbed
  • Delicious black meaty olives
  • Raw and unpasteurised


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