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Nektar Greek Coffee Traditional Blend 250gr with a Boiling Pot '' BRIKI''

Nektar Greek Coffee Traditional Blend 250gr with a Boiling Pot ” BRIKI”


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Nektar , Greek coffee traditional blend 250gr with brass boiling pot briki:

Fresh roasted Greek Coffee selected from the world’s finest varieties. Getting sealed in a protective atmosphere, just outside the roaster, guarantees perfect preservation of the unique flavor and aroma of our blend. Since 1951, we keep the tradition, by following the old successful recipe in our production. We offer you a cup of freshly roasted Greek coffee with rich taste, wonderful aroma that smells Greece.

The package contains a handmade coffee pot, called ”briki”.This brass coffee pot allow the heat to be distributed slowly and evenly as our Greek coffee is brought to boil.

Preparing tips: ●Equipment: a narrow- topped small boiling pot called “briki” a teaspoon and a heating apparatus. ●For each cup, measure one demitasse cup of cold water into a briki. ●Pour one teaspoonful of Greek coffee and sugar to taste. Stir well. ●Slowly bring it all to a boil over medium heat. ●The coffee is ready when the froth has risen right up to the brim. ●Pour the coffee slowly into the cups, dividing the foam equally between each cup.


  • Nektar, Greek coffee, Traditional blend with its Boiling Pot called : Briki
  • We continue the family tradition by following the old and successful recipe. Since 1951, we fill your cup with pure and freshly grounded coffee.
  • Fresh-roasted Greek Coffee selected from the world’s finest varieties.
  • Sealed in protective atmosphere, right out of the roaster, guarantees the perfect preservation of the taste and the unique aroma of our blend
  • Fully conformed to HACCP (ISO 22000 ) and ISO 9001 standards. 1st Place in the Pan-Hellenic Coffee Championship.


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